About us


We are Competa Properties S.L. and we would like to thank you for visiting us and having a look at  our properties. Should you have an questions about our portfolio please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you and resolve any matters which arise.

We can be found in Competa, Málaga , Costa del Sol: a village with a very special charm, surrounded by mountains, valleys and natural countryside. We are close to the beaches of the Costa del Sol and the beautiful leisure centres of the area.

This is an ideal place to enjoy endless walks in beautiful countryside with more than 300 days of sunshine every year, and to relax while taking full advantage of the magnficent views of the impressive Sierras and the sparkling Mediterranean.

A perfect location in which to live the dream of a peaceful life in the countryside but with all the amenities of larger cities within 20 mins drive.

This is why we wish you to know that we can help you make your dream come true, by building or reforming to create the home you have always wanted.

We invite you to get to know us, share your dream with us, and let us try to help you achieve what you have always wanted.

Thanking you in advance for putting your confidence in us.